ProDataLab, a software engineering organization that, because of years of experience, represents a philosiphy that software is much more complicated and fragile then it ought to be. From the user's perspective or the or from the developer's perspective.. the goal is to create a revolution in software engineering that makes the software, and it's development, extremely flexible, intuitive, compartmentalized, scalable, distributable, and universal.. to solve many of these adverse, anocdotal experiences. The moto ProDataLab lives by is, "Every thing is a component.. Everything!"

This website will eventually become the home portal for ProDataLab's flagship product.. the pdlPlatform. The pdlPlatform will be the software fabric of a system that allows components to simply plugin and become fully integrated with any of the other components. Essentially, it is a system that will have user interfaces on every hardware or software platform to interact with it. Seperation of all concerns.. their maximal integration.. and extreme efficiency is the soul of the system that is the pdlPlatform.

The components themselves will be interfaces to.. or services of.. any imaginable discipline and use case.. From the casual user to the most professional, the pdlPlatform will have components that accomodate and integrate. Interfaces will be universal on every available hardware platorm. Integration to other hardware systems, for instance automotive or industrial, will also be a focus.. embedded hardware, actuators, sensors.. the use-case and integration potential is limitless.

ProDataLab believes that automation and and software translation is not utilized nearly enough, which is why ProDataLab has a strong endearment to.. and knowledge of.. the foundational pillars of computer science and the theory of computation itself. Soon the pdlPlatform will demonstrate that all code, even existing code, can be connected and re-purposed. The thought that entrepeneurs and venture capitalists invest millions of dollars to get a new software based innovation of the ground is amusing.

Efficiency, as descibed as a portion of "the soul of the pdlPlatform", is a very important term in that it describes not only a great emphasis on computational efficiency, but also user experience efficency. Software should be as intuitive as it possibly can be and not affected by what might be considered the lazyness of developers or an ill-percieved limitation of system abilities.

Please note

This website is currently in a re-design transition and will be changing, at this point, frequently.