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Decentralized Software Systems
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Proposal For a Modern Open Source Community and Ecosystem

Please see whitepaper for details


A decentralized processing engine that provides significant advancements.


A decentralized software market place for developers and end users.


A decentralized software market place for end users to hire freelance developers.


A suite of developer tools designed to simplify the developer experience.


A crypto currency for monetizing goods and services in the CodeDepot ecosystem.

CodeDepot Foundation

A decentralized governence model for the CodeDepot ecosystem.


Peter Alexander


Peter Alexander has been an entrepreneur managing companies and employees for most of the past 28 years. He began his career general contracting and in real estate speculation and renewal. He still maintains his State of Florida general contractors license.. the hurricane capital of the world.

In 2003 he set out to teach himself computer science and a myriad of technology related subjects. He initially specialized in large scale distributed data processing algorithms and analytics, for creating and utilizing high frequency financial trading platforms. Today, Peter has vast knowledge in many categories of computer science and it's development as a practice.

Being an autodidact in computer science, he has had front-line experiences in the un-needed complexity and in-flexibility of current software systems from both the users perspective and as a software engineer. With these frustrations, Peter is determined to change the current paradigm to a more practical, intuitive and efficient one. Software.. Peter will show, can be produced much more rapidly, intuitively and simply.. possibly with increases of that production by a hundredfold.

Lastly, he is strong participant in, and advocate for, open source software and it's community.